New Directions for the Financing of Interactive Digital Media (2012)

This study profiled for the first time the state of private financing for interactive digital media in Canada, based on in-depth interviews with private equity investors, investment and financing agents, game developers and game publishers, banks and government funders in Canada, the US and Europe, including as well as an extensive review of Canadian and international literature. The study identified gaps in the financing landscape and recommended strategies to foster a virtuous circle of private investment. The recommendations put forward by the report led to the creation of an accelerator program by the Canada Media Fund to encourage greater investment readiness amongst Canadian interactive digital media developers.

Karen Thorne-Stone, President & Chief Executive Officer of the OMDC, was quoted as saying that the study, “…provides valuable insight into the financing gaps that limit the potential of Ontario’s dynamic interactive digital media sector,” adding that the study also points the way to making support for digital content producers more flexible, efficient and effective.

Access the report here.