Communications MDR are senior-level consultants with first-hand experience designing government programs in the screen-based media sectors and in providing options for future government policy and program directions. Our team has been instrumental in the design and implementation of key programs of support for the feature film, television and digital media sectors. We also provide management and governance tools to aid in the delivery of programs and to build capacity in the cultural sector.

  • Innovative program design
  • Best practice guides and toolkits
  • Human resources management tools
  • Governance and business policies
  • Performance measurement frameworks

Making Documentaries with Impact: A Toolkit (2016)

This toolkit provides filmmakers, media artists, producers and distributors with information and tools to help them understand, plan, communicate and measure the impact of their work. The tools and resources selected for inclusion in this document are rooted in a large body of research drawn from respected funders, producers, outreach specialists and impact measurement professionals.

Access the toolkit here.

Recommended Employment Standards and Human Resource Management Tools in Canadian Artist-Run Media Arts Organizations (2012)

The development of this first-ever resource for the Independent Media Arts Alliance involved a national literature review and survey of member organizations on current employment standards. The resulting recommendations were adopted by the membership, providing Canadian media arts organizations with a first-ever national set of employment standards.
National Director of IMAA Jennifer Dorner stated that, “The consultants’ extensive knowledge of the current environment for digital media arts, their experience in the management of cultural organizations and breadth of research experience assured the success of our project.”

Access this human resources management tool here.

Review of Ottawa Museum Network Governance Model (2012)

This network of 10 community museums in the City of Ottawa has a mandate to engage the public in the telling of the story of Ottawa. As part of a larger strategic planning process, the consultants conducted research into governance models of museum networks internationally. The resulting report led to revisions to the Ottawa Museum Network’s governance policy.