Communications MDR has years of experience providing evaluations and reviews of government programs, employing a range of qualitative and quantitative methodologies. Our evaluation work undertaken for the federal government of Canada reflects the most recent Treasury Board Guidelines and policies on evaluation. We also help government and cultural organizations design their program evaluation and performance measurement frameworks. Our rigorous approach ensures clients have what they need to move forward on achieving their strategic goals.

  • Federal program evaluations and reviews
  • Evaluation plans and frameworks
  • Focus groups
  • Key informant interviews
  • Online survey design, execution and analysis

Performance Reports for the Canada Council for the Arts (2019)


The Canada Council for the Arts retained the services of Communications MDR, in collaboration with Goss Gilroy Inc., to design and implement six online, quantitative and qualitative surveys, in English and French, to collect data from grant recipients of the Canada Council's six primary programs. The goal of the surveys was to measure program performance against anticipated outcomes, including benefits to grant recipients, and to demonstrate the impact of the Council’s investment more broadly. A series of six program performance reports were developed by Communications MDR based on the findings of each survey.

A Review of The Canada Media Fund's Aboriginal Program: Key Trends, Stakeholder Perspectives and Future Directions (2019)

The Indigenous Screen Office mandated Communications MDR to review the Canada Media Fund’s Aboriginal Program, which supports Indigenous-language television productions, with the goal of ensuring that the Program meets the needs of the Indigenous audio-visual production industry. The review involved a statistical analysis of program data and consultations with 25 Indigenous producers and other stakeholders. The report was published by the Indigenous Screen Office and can be accessed at this link.

Evaluation of the Canada Media Fund (2015)

Communications MDR participated in the evaluation of the Canada Media Fund, in collaboration with the Kelly Sears Consulting Group. The study employed the evaluation framework developed by the Treasury Board of Canada. In conducting the evaluation, the consultants utilized a range of methodologies, including extensive client consultations in the form of interviews and online survey,  to provide the CMF with an understanding of the results achieved through the Fund.

Access the evaluation report here.

Building to Last: A Review of the Canada Council for the Art's Capacity Building Initiative (2010)

This evaluation of a ten-year initiative to build capacity in equity arts organizations included an extensive national and international literature review of capacity building models; analysis of funding trends; an on-line survey of arts organizations; focus groups; and informant interviews with selected stakeholders. A key component of the study was the identification of future policy directions. The Canada Council has since broadened the scope of its equity initiative, including strategies to provide support for disability arts.