Communications MDR is a trusted partner to the cultural industries, providing sound research and analysis on public policy and regulatory issues for strategic use by clients. Our clients have used our research to support their interventions to the CRTC on key regulatory hearings. We also provide in-depth analyses to support understanding and development of public policies in the cultural sector..

  • Public policy analysis
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Briefing documents
  • CRTC regulatory submissions
  • Standing Committee submissions

Environment Scan for the Culture Sector in Ontario, background document to public consultation


This background document supported the development of the first ever culture strategy in the province of Ontario. The report, which describes key trends, opportunities and challenges affecting the culture sector in Ontario, was shared with the public by the Ontario Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport consultation as it sought feedback on its draft Culture Strategy. The report also points to emerging best practices in cultural policies in Canada and internationally.

Access the report here.

An International Comparative Study: How National Content is Defined in Canada and Selected Countries for the Purpose of Providing Access to Public Support


This report examines how national film and television programs are defined for the purpose of accessing government funding and tax credits in jurisdictions around the world. A key finding of the study was the relative lack of flexibility in the application of a definition of Canadian content, as compared to the jurisdictions examined, including the European Union and Australia and New Zealand.

Access the report here.